Prato contemporary art

From the Pecci Centre to Piazza Ciardi: a new route of widespread contemporary art

Few territories in Italy and Europe can boast an important contemporary art heritage like Prato due to the presence and activity of the Centre for Contemporary Art "L. Pecci" - a regional centre of coordination and development for contemporary culture - as well as the strong presence of many works of art in the urban fabric.
The itinerary runs on a contemporary art urban route which starts from the Pecci Centre (easy to reach for those coming from outside Prato by the A11 motorway - Prato EST exit) and extends to the historical centre in "continuity" with the great historical and artistic tradition of Tuscany.
The itinerary begins with the visit of the Pecci Centre the first Italian institution built according to the design of the architect Italo Gamberini. Since its opening in 1988 the Centre offered a wide range of exhibitions and documentation on contemporary art. It has reopened on the 16th of October after a closing period due to the restoration works designed by the architect Maurice Nio.

A new public square created in Viale della Repubblica, introduces and leads the visitors to the main entrance of the Centre.

Viale della Repubblica

01 - Sol LeWitt, Irregular Tower (Pecci), 1997 (garden)
02 - Diego Esposito, Longitude - Latitude: 43 ° 51 '678' 'N - 6 ° 11' 570 '' W, 2001 (garden)
03. Eliseo Mattiacci, Reflex of the cosmic order, 1995-1996 (Viale Repubblica / Via Catani)

04. Henry Moore, Large Squared Form with Cut, 1969-1971 (Piazza San Marco)
05. Gio Pomodoro, Isla Negra, Pablo Neruda, 1975-1976 (Via Marx)
06. Ben Jakober, Mazzocchio, 1993-1994 (Via Pomeria)

Via Puccetti 3
07 Barbara Kruger, Untitled (Prato), 1993 (courtyard Lazzerini library)
08 Bizhan Bassiri, The Beast, 1994 (courtyard Lazzerini library)
09 Hossein Golba, Backbone of life, 2001 (courtyard Lazzerini library)


Emperor's Castle
10 Carlo Bernardini, The pace of light, 2014 (Medieval Keep)
11 Fabrizio Corneli, Great dreamer, 2014 (Piazza S. Maria in Castello)

Palazzo Pretorio- Piazza del Comune
12. Jacques Lipchitz, Prometheus Strangling the Vulture, 1944/1953

Cattedrale di Santo Stefano (Cathedral) – Piazza Duomo
13 Emilio Greco, Dormitio Virginis, 1983 (Chapel of the Sacred Belt)
14 Robert Morris, Altar 2000-2001
15 Robert Morris Ambo 2000-2001 (Cathedral, main altar)
16 Robert Morris Candlestick, 2000-2001 (Cathedral, main altar)
17 Robert Morris, Four for Donatello, 2001 (Cloister of the Cathedral)
18 Giuseppe Spagnulo, Gate of Light, 2009 (Cathedral, aisle)

19 Alessandra Andrini, Count Up, (Monument to the Resistance) 2009 (Piazza dell’università)
20 Marco Bagnoli, The missing link in the chain that is not there, 2016 (PiazzaCiardi)

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