Emperor's Castle

Our city reopens its doors to our history and culture

After weeks of closure, the Castle of the Emperor reopens to the public. It is not a return to normal, but an example of positive coexistence with the new reality with which we will have to live for the next few months. It is possible to visit the Castle, following the necessary precautions, to ensure everyone's safety. To this end, the guidelines with some simple rules to be adopted during the visit for your own safety and that of others are displayed at the entrance of the Castle.

The opening hours are as follows: 10-13 16-20 every day except on non-holiday Tuesdays

Access is allowed only to visitors who correctly wear the mask and sanitize their hands at the entrance. During the visit it is necessary to stay at least one meter away from the other visitors and a maximum capacity of 30 people has been defined at the same time that the staff will enforce. The walkway can be accessed by one person at a time for a maximum of 15 minutes. The use of the lift is limited to strictly necessary conditions. In the special notice board located at the entrance of the Castle, visitors will be able to read the rules to be followed in respect of all. Recall that the entrance to the Castle is free.

Castle reopening guidelines