September Prato festival postponed to 2021
The two concerts already communicated before the Covid-19 emergency are postponed to 2021 and respectively: Wolfmother and Hardcore Superstar on Sunday 29 August 2021, while Willie Peyote on 2 September 2021

Gormley in Prato
Shy by Antony Gormley will remain in Piazza Duomo for six months. The work of one of the most appreciated living sculptors in the world, 4 meters high and made with 3600 kg of cast iron, symbolizes the industrial identity of Prato

The exhibition dedicated to the creative path of the French collective About A Worker, founded by Kim Hou and Paul Boulenger in 2017 and which intertwines design and social research, has been extended until 21 March.
In collaboration with the Luigi Pecci Center for Contemporary Art on the occasion of Kim Hou's residence in Lottozero, an exhibition curated by Elena Ianeselli and Alessandra Tempesti

Two new works from the Palli collection at the civic museum
The Museum of Palazzo Pretorio, thanks to the Prato collector Carlo Palli, is now enriched with two new works in its permanent collection: the Venus Maria - Sepia Nude by Michelangelo Pistoletto and the Victoire de Samothrace by Yves Klein

Towards the Museum of Sacred Art in San Domenico
The Prato collector Carlo Palli donates 150 works to the Diocese of Prato
The future museum will consist of two sections: one of ancient sacred art and one of contemporary sacred art