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Prato in the green

Parco della Liberazione e della Pace

A green atmosphere near the city

The Parco della Liberazione e della Pace, known in Prato as the former Hippodrome, has always been a green symbol of the city. It is a total area of 176,117.67 square meters that extends between via Roma and via dell'Ippodromo. The park occupies a rectangular area close to the heart of the city center and represents a green oasis immersed in the urban network.
The garden is divided into various spaces equipped with games and sports equipment. Inside there are playful areas, areas suitable for sports and environments suitable for relaxation. The garden's exposure allows the alternation of shaded and sunny areas; furthermore, tree-lined avenues and paths connecting the various areas allow the construction of a park communication network. The scenography of the garden over the years has undergone renovations and innovation works.

The park, in fact, has pushed itself to be, as well as a green area, a real pole of initiatives: it has often been the setting for events, shows and exhibitions, presenting itself as the perfect area for all the events designed for a heterogeneous public. In this direction, the Parco della Liberazione e della Pace has undergone various transformations over the years to allow for greater livability and wide usability.
The project is that of a progressive redevelopment that meets the requests of the many park-goers and that moves towards the idea of a dynamic park. A multipurpose green center, within the urban fabric, suitable for being practiced and exploited to the fullest in all the potential it offers.

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