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New sports hall

A new multidisciplinary sports center where you can practice high level sport

Volleyball, basketball, handball and rhythmic gymnastics will have at their disposal a new gym where they can practice sport at a high level. The project involves the construction of the new sports hall next to the school complex in via Galcianese. In summary, some numbers: over 3 million euros the cost, of which about 2 million euros financed by the state and 1 million and 200 thousand euros by the municipal administration; 2 gyms, one main and one subsidiary; over 3 thousand square meters; about 100 new parking spaces.

The main gym measures 870 square meters, 11 meters high, will have fixed grandstands of about 400 seats plus the provision for other retractable grandstands of about 100 seats; it will be used after school hours mainly for competitive volleyball, basketball and handball activities.

The subsidiary gym, which measures 580 square meters and 7 meters high, will host rhythmic gymnastics and free body activities. In the space between the two gyms there are: the changing rooms, the infirmary room, the first aid and medical examination room, the physiotherapy room.

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