New Prato:
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Sharing economy

Sharing economy connects people and allows them to share, borrow, exchange or rent any type of asset. The circular economy, on the other hand, facilitates new models in which the waste of an organization or a citizen is good for someone else. The European ESPON 2020 program finances targeted analyzes on specific topics and in 2018 approved the project presented by the city of Den Haag (Netherlands), "Budget and evaluation of the types of circular urban collaborative economy initiatives" under specific objective 2 of the Cooperation program. As such, it must support stakeholders in welcoming territorial evidence into their political development. Targeted analysis helps to better understand how the sharing economy is implemented in different cities in the EU and how it is affected by regulations at different levels of government, from local, to national and the EU.
• The city of The Hague (Netherlands) - leader
• The city of Prato (Italy)
• The city of Maribor (Slovenia)
• The Flanders region (Belgium)
• Greek Ministry of the Environment and Energy (Greece)
• The city of Porto (Portugal)

The goal of the project is to allow citizens, entrepreneurs and local governments to learn from the experience of other countries, and to explore how local governments and the European community can facilitate the proliferation of the collaborative and circular economy. In Prato, initiatives such as the regeneration of the Macrolotto Zero, the Pop-Ups in the historic center, the cultural and creative spaces born in disused factories, and many companies in the T&A district, are just some examples of urban development that are affecting different aspects of the collaborative and circular economy. An overview of the project activities:
1. The mapping and analysis of the various territorial contexts of the partners in relation to their collaborative economy practices and the main case studies;
2. The website (
3. The targeted workshops in the cities involved in the project
In Prato the workshop took place on 04/06/2019 at the Council Hall of the Municipality of Prato and saw the participation of many local entities that make collaborative economics and public administrators who have and are implementing services and projects in this direction. Participants had the opportunity to:
• Learn from similar European city initiatives that are working in the same field;
• You will help projects and organizations both locally and regionally, nationally and internationally;
• Be in direct contact with policy makers and local and international leaders;
• Have the opportunity to make their impact more significant.