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PRAMA Project

A playful space for all children and teenagers has arrived in Prato

The AMI Foundation Prato, a non-profit organization founded in 2010, intends to support new services and projects in the maternal and child care area of the city hospital. Together with AVIS, which participates in the renovation of the building of his property located in the full proximity of the new Urban Park in the Old Hospital area, AMI Foundation will carry on the construction of a motor fun center for disabled children.
What is the project and who is it for? The project is really aimed at everyone. About 700 children with physical and cognitive disabilities, from babies to 18-year-olds, being treated at local health services, will be able to take advantage of the 700 sq.m. dedicated to the game together with their able-bodied peers.

Large thematic spaces are foreseen: the gym also equipped as a party area; the sound carpet, able to animate sounds and images through pressure sensors; the theater and the first climbing suitable also for children in wheelchairs. The objectives of the project are focused on the orientation of the children and the people who gravitate around the search for well-being and the acquisition of lifestyles to create a network between the realities that operate in the world of child disabilities.

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