New Prato:
Innovative project

Prato autism friendly

The territorial system created to promote the social inclusion of people with autism

Autism friendly is a project that wants to show Prato with a different perspective. Everything stems from the belief that being part of a city is much more than just living there. From this idea moves the concrete creation of an autism friendly network; a network of city merchants who, with their activities, open the doors to the world of autism with conviction and education. It is a territorial system created with knowledge to promote social inclusion and autonomy. Some places in the city, in this way, will become real exchange areas of different shades to see the city. The project itself is very simple, but the objective towards which it moves is extraordinary. The idea is not that Prato becomes a different city, but that it can be easily seen and lived in an unusual way.

Prato is always the same, but in this way it belongs to everyone.
The project was carried out in various phases, through:

  • Creation of a network of businesses or public places in the Municipality of Prato where methods and measures will be adopted to encourage the reception of people with autism. The association Orizzonte Autismo Onlus di Prato and the parents of people with autism have played a key role in this phase, playing a primary role in identifying the most significant activities for the purpose of pursuing greater utility of the path.


  • Implementation of a training course , organized by the Fondazione Onlus Opera S.Rita, aimed at equipping the staff of the commercial establishments with a basic level of knowledge on the behavior to adopt in welcoming people with autism and measures to adapt physical environments. The training course is also carried out on the basis of the indications of the English Association Dimensions  which has been operating for years in the autism sector and which has made itself available to share the "sticker" of the "Autism Friendly" project.

  • Creation of a real kit  to be delivered to all the activities participating in the project so that they can present it in their stores and be recognizable as a testimony of a conscious and "prepared" reception of people with Autistic Disorder