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Sustainable research and innovation in the textile and clothing sector

RESET - RESearch Centers of Excellence in the Textile sector - is an European project designed to improve research and innovation infrastructures and the ability to develop excellences by fostering competence centers, especially those of European interest. RESET promotes the exchange of good practices between regions and research centers of European textile districts; Skills transfer and experiences sharing are innovative methodologies and solutions that have already been successfully tested in the participating regions. The aim is to make good practices and promote projects that will support regional excellences in terms of research, innovation and development.

Combining and matching the sustainability of products and productions with market dynamics is one of the most significant challenges of our time. From the respect for the environment and the health protection, the attention for both ethical and socio-economic instances can derive a great potential: once transposed and rendered into innovation, these values can make a difference and become a factor of success and differentiation of local businesses compared to other global competitors.

Sustainability-oriented innovation and research will mainly concern production processes and product development in order to:

- improve recycling and waste reduction;

- reduce water consumption and enable a greater energy saving;

- reduce the environmental impact of chemical substances used by the industry;

- accompany the industrial conversion efforts towards intelligent textiles;

- promote the use of natural fibers and favor the use of local raw materials;

- foster eco-creativity and new applications.
The RESET project is managed by the Municipality of Prato as leader and involves other 9 European partner countries.