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Magnolfi Cultural Centre

A multi-cultural centre which is also a theatre

The Magnolfi Cultural Centre is located in the neighborhood of Pietà, sharing the same complex as the church of Santa Maria della Pietà. The historical building was the site of the orphanage founded by Gaetano Magnolfi in 1838 which fell into disrepair around 1980, but was resurrected after careful restoration, and completed in 2004. Since then it has been the site for training projects in the field of music and theatre.
The areas of "Magnolfi" which were chosen by Luca Ronconi for the preparation work of the "Calderon" and for the staging of "The Bacchae", were part of the "Prato laboratory of theatrical design" that the director held in Prato from 1977 to 1979.
Research, production and professional training in the field of theatre are the activities that are currently taking place at "Magnolfi" planned and directed by Metastasio Theatre in collaboration with the Municipality of Prato. The "Magnolfi" is also a place open to the city, with its shows, cultural events and a stage on which young artistic groups can bring their own productions, it plays a role in the city’s cultural offer.

The building is managed by the Municipality of Prato and its strength is its multifunctionality. The historic theatre, equipped with 99 seats, and the various spaces for workshops and educational activities allow you to work and create in an enjoyable and pleasurable atmosphere.
Additionally the "Magnolfi" is also a hostel: with 22 rooms, cozy relaxation areas with the inclusion of a restaurant and bar, it offers guests a unique opportunity to stay overnight in our city. The "Magnolfi" is, in fact, a place to be experienced and, for those who still do not know it, they will discover a place which undoubtedly has a soul and a very special charm.

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