Prato Excellence:
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Prato mortadella

A special mixture of ingredients and processing techniques

Prato gives its name to a special and tasty mortadella, which received PGI certification in February 2016 and has been a Slow Food product since 2000. The origin of this particular deli meat made with special cuts of pork, salt, garlic and the addition of a few drops of Alkermes liqueur is quite old. Because of the special mixture of spices (cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg, and cloves) and the processing techniques that are used, it is considered a product of clear medieval origins. Mention of this popular specialty has been found in a few documents dating to 1733, when, on the occasion of the beatification of Sister Caterina de' Ricci, the nuns of the Dominican monasteries of Prato served a lunch to guests in which this mortadella featured as a local specialty. The reputation of Mortadella di Prato PGI produced, according to specifications, throughout the municipal area of Prato and in one small neighbouring town, has grown and strengthened over time.

Thanks to the intrinsic quality of the product and the remarkable export expertise of the Prato "sausage makers", documented as early as the 19th century in the London and Paris international exhibitions, the popularity of this deli meat continues to grow; it is also greatly appreciated by some great chefs and supported by numerous specialized magazines.
Mortadella di Prato can be enjoyed as it is or with the equally renowned Bozza di Prato bread and both the most refined palates and simple ones can pair it with Carmignano figs, preferably the Dottato variety.