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Foreign Universities

International Universities in Prato

In addition to the Campus of the University of Florence (PIN), Prato boasts the prestigious presence of two international universities: Monash University (Australia) and New Haven University (USA).
Every year the three university campuses organize Prato Campus Week, an event open to the local community, with Open Day in the universities, live music, sports and competitive games.

Monash University
Monash University, the largest public university in Australia, has chosen Prato as its base in Europe. It is ranked in the top one hundred universities in the world and has branches in every continent.
The choice of Prato is due to the renowned scholar of the Italian Renaissance, Professor Bill Kent.
Monash University Prato Centre collaborates with city institutions and with many private operators; academic programs connect with the local community through internships in Prato’s schools, agencies or companies.

The Family Lunch initiative introduces students to Italian life and at the same time gives people in Prato the opportunity to learn about Australian culture and practise English with native speakers. It organizes, for example, conversation exchanges, family dinners, internships and teaching assistantships.

Inaugurated in 2001, the Monash Prato Centre is located in the historic centre of the city, in the sumptuous Palazzo Vai, formerly the headquarters of the Industrialists Association. With the support of Regione Toscana and the Municipality of Prato, it offers numerous study programmes.

In addition to regular academic courses, it organizes symposia and conferences in various disciplines which attract scholars from across the globe to Prato.

New Haven University
The University of New Haven (UNH) is a private institution which is recognized as a national leader in experiential education.
Education is approached not as a set of theories but as applied knowledge through field work, focussing at all times on the practical search for career opportunities.
Founded in 1920 on the Yale University Campus as a division of Northeastern University, it offers a wide range of graduate and postgraduate courses. In the autumn of 2012 the University of New Haven opened its first international satellite campus in the historical centre of Prato.
Its educational program consists of 5 courses each semester, including Italian language. Should any basic courses not be available in the Prato campus, they can easily be taken online.

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