Participation in Prato:
Getting around the city

Getting around by bike

Moving in the city ecologically and cheaply

Prato is a flat city with an extensive network of cycle paths, making it a very easy to move around the city on two wheels, both as an everyday alternative to more polluting vehicles, and to explore the city and its immediate surroundings.
A bike sharing service is available for people wishing to avoid traffic, get some physical exercise, and discover Prato without polluting: those arriving in the city by bus, train, or their own car, can get a bicycle to travel around in the city with no restrictions at Ecoposta ( in via Magnolfi 26, near the Prato Porta al Serraglio railway station.

Cycle paths
In the past few decades long stretches of cycling paths linking different city areas have been built. Other paths are being designed and built.
Two long cycle paths, used mainly for excursions and recreation, run along the banks of the Bisenzio River, which crosses the city.