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Sport improves life

Prato is a city in constant transformation, evolution and experimentation that considers sports a value and an asset that finds it realization not in great victories but in the participation of all.
Sports benefit education, health, quality of life and the interaction of all diversities.
The relationship between Prato and sports is evidenced by the many athletes and champions who have distinguished themselves in different disciplines and by the numerous sports clubs, agencies and volunteers involved in different initiatives. Prato hosts about 50 federations, and over 100 sports facilities all over the city: swimming pools, tennis courts, football and five-a-side football fields, archery and shooting ranges, bocce courts, rugby fields, beach volley courts, street basket, the brand new Athletics Track, and the indoor Sports Arena where five-a-side Football, Handball and Roller Hockey can be played.

In addition, the beautiful Medicean park Cascine di Tavola is home to a magnificent golf course. All these facilities are constantly used by adults, children, the elderly, disabled people, athletes and anyone who needs or simply wants to move and feel better.
Love for sports in Prato starts at a very early age, in school, through the project Protocollo Trofeo città di Prato - the only such initiative in Italy - which has created an exemplary model of promotion of Physical Education in schools. This is an experience made possible by the collaboration of all the local bodies dealing with sports at different levels, and it includes promoting awareness of healthy lifestyles, in terms of behaviour as well, and every year involves thousands of children and a great number of families in its activities aimed at integration, the prevention of issues, and the expression of different abilities.

Sport is also a show, entertainment, choreographic expression, it is life and environment-enhancing, and Prato celebrates special occasions with numerous lively events that attract large numbers of people and include many different sports disciplines.