Living in Prato :
Prato in the green

Parco Galceti and the Museum of Natural Sciences

A wide natural surface with many plant and animal species

Galceti Park lies in the north area of the city, at the foot of Monte Ferrato; with an area of 8 hectares surrounded by a protected area of 600 hectares, it qualifies as Prato's largest green area.
Mentioned in written documents as early as 1045 with the name of Calcito, this large natural park is located along the Bardena River and is part of an important area inhabited since prehistoric times, as shown by the finds of ancient hunting weapons and the outcrops of red jasper, which was used to make tools.
The park consists mainly of a maritime pine grove crossed by a dense network of paths that enable visitors to observe its many species of flora and fauna. The animals in the park include hawks, herons, peacocks, deer, fallow deer, roe deer and wild boar. There is also a great number of species of resident and migratory birds which use this area as a stage of their journey; among them, in particular, there is charming colony of grey herons that for several years now has chosen to spend the winter in this park.

There are two small lakes that serve as a resting and nesting oasis for aquatic animals, such as swans and mallards.
In addition to the wild animals, visitors to the woods can also see monkeys, birds and snakes in the enclosures and aviaries managed by the Centre for Natural Sciences with the goal of rehabilitating the animals back into their natural habitat.

The Centre is a Municipality of Prato Foundation that includes Galceti Park and the Museum of Natural Sciences which, over a 750 sqm area, houses birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, insects, shells, minerals, rocks, herbariums and local archaeological finds.

One section is dedicated to the geological, floral, historical and environmental features of the Protected Area of Monteferrato. The Centre organizes numerous scientific, educational, environmental and ecomuseum activities, and includes an Astronomic Observatory and a Planetarium, which offer interesting educational experiences guided by experts.
The Park is a natural oasis of peace just outside the city, where visitors can immerse themselves in nature and come into contact with local wildlife.