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CUT Temporary Urban Circuit
It aims to raise awareness to approach art, nature and history of the places where it operates, through the active participation and didactics for a contemporary education, encouraging partnerships with the realities of the territory. With this purpose was born Spazi InVasi, a place to share the reinterpretation of a residual space through the implementation of educational processes, training and educational courses, creating moments of relationship and social inclusion.

was created with the aim to promote art in its wider forms, involving international and emerging artists, with projects that collaborate with the institutions and the private sector. Important synergies were created pursuing collaborations with international curators and artists. The space is in a converted industrial area called CorteViaGenova, that today is dedicated to the production and promotion of contemporary art. The program is directed by D.Morellet, R.Morellet and P.Gori.

LATO is an architecture studio and an exhibition space founded by Luca Gambacorti in 2006 with the recovery of a former industrial building, within the walls of Prato, in San Marco Square, a few meters from the "Square shape with cut" by H. Moore. LATO combines professional and exhibition activities establishing relations and collaboration between the various territorial dimensions, linked in various ways to culture.

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MOO is a space conceived as a point where art meets design, a place of identity comparison with the contemporary art scene. It was born in 2013 in a vacant room, in the heart of Prato, a step away from Piazza Duomo. It is a white box, empty, flexible, open to a thousand interpretations, an area of research, sharing and artistic exchange, outside the logic of the market, open to a free exchange between artists and design.

Studio Corte 17
As artist run space it has always been interested in the trial stage of the artwork and its transformations respecting the space in which it is created.
It sustains different practices and researches and is interested in creating a connection between visual arts and the industrial archeology heritage of Tuscany.

SEDICI is an independent group of photographers and scholars in the field of visual arts. The association was founded to create and promote activities related to the culture of the image and to disseminate international proposals: set up new debates, broaden horizons, create new possibilities. Sedici aims to investigate different aspects of contemporary life through long-term thematic cycles of meetings, events, exhibitions and workshops.