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Contemporanea Festival is the annual event of the performing arts that takes place at the end of September in which are involved famous international artists. The aim of the festival is to transmit the changes and the languages of our time, photographing an insight of the current reality. This is a cultural project in new areas of research in the field of contemporary culture and the performing arts. Starting from the survey of the reality, it describes the complexity of the present with an eye to the future, leaving to the audience interpretative freedom. Why in Prato? Since the end of the 60s the position of the city from an artistic point of view has always been directed to the creation of places for the contemporary production such as theatre, contemporary art, music and training for young people.
The principle of the project is to explore new languages, experience artistic opportunities, observe new horizons, realizing projects, strategies, networks, according to a firm direction of cultural policy.

In its various editions the festival has always encouraged the collaboration between the cultural institutions of the territory through an active and shared involvement, promoting a new organizational and functional definition of the cultural system of the city with the goal of creating a great Contemporary Arts Festival as an opportunity for the dissemination of contemporary culture.
The shows, installations, performances and other events of the festival are located in different strategic points of the city such as theatres, squares and public places in order to create a total stage area in the historic centre.

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