Prato Excellence:
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Biscotti di Prato

Prato biscuits, for more than 150 years an excellence around the world

The first reference to this sweet is found in an 18th-century Prato manuscript, but it was not until 1858 that Antonio Mattei opened the biscotti factory of the same name, still active today, and perfected the recipe of the delicious almond biscotti. The Biscotti were immediately immensely popular with the people of Prato, who welcomed it and made it a part of their city's heritage as "Mattonella's biscotti”, because of Mattei's nickname. The success of this typical Prato sweet is due to undoubted skills of Antonio Mattei, who in addition to being an expert baker had also good business instincts. Thanks to his initiative, these biscotti achieved international recognition (receiving awards in London, 1862, and Paris, 1867). The original, secret, traditional and unalterable recipe (which the Mattei biscotti factory holds) has remained unchanged for 155 years. There is the same passion as always, the same preference for artisanal products, and care in the choice of ingredients.

Simplicity and "care" in making them (from the different production stages to the packaging in the blue bag, a clear homage to the Savoy Blue at the time of the unification of Italy), make of it a recognizable and unique product. Intellectuals (Hermann Hesse), designers, artists (when visiting Florence, the actress Anna Magnani would always ask to be taken to Prato just to buy them), and travellers are among the many people who have loved these Biscotti. Their popularity gave rise to more manufacturing and commercial businesses, in addition to the old biscotti factory. Many bakers and master pastry chefs every day produce this wonderful sweet to the delight of people of all ages. The age-old advice is to briefly dip the biscotti one by one, just before eating them, in a glass of Vinsanto, the essential accompaniment to this famous Prato sweet.

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