Participation in Prato:
Active citizenship

Urban poetry actions

An active citizenship poetry project founded in Prato in 2015

Poecity - Urban Poetry Actions - is an active citizenship project that was founded in Prato in 2015 to promote reading contemporary poetry together, getting together and cultivating a common space for possible words. It is meant for all those who share or wish to experience a passion for the local dissemination of poetic words as an opportunity to develop new possibilities of meanings, points of view and relationships.
Poecity organizes themed monthly events in different locations with readings, meetings with authors, and asphalt pages. It collaborates with institutions such as the Culture Department and the Metastasio Theatre. The meetings are free and open to all.
Each month the group organizes a Poecity - Urban Poetry Actions meeting whose theme is a word, with all the variety of possibilities and references it can suggest.

For example Via ("road", "way" and "away" in Italian): 'via' as mapping of the location where one lives; 'via' as a concrete and metaphorical road; 'via' as going away, "via" in compound expressions, and in other meanings... Participants can look for poems by contemporary authors to bring and read aloud to the other people at the meeting, or can also just listen.
The meetings take place in different locations: places, gardens, halls, etc. After the readings, there are refreshments (everyone brings something to eat/drink). Before the meeting, everyone walks from the previous location to the new one.

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