Places in Prato:
Renewed spaces

Piazza Landini

The square is to be created in the space freed up by the demolition of an old warehouse set against the 14th-century walls in the area adjacent to the Textile Museum - Lazzerini Library cultural centre. It represents a great opportunity for providing a proper architectural layout to the surrounding area which, following the construction of the new walkway over Via Pomeria, has become a strategic place for pedestrian access to the historical centre.
The objectives of the redevelopment include outlining the area recovered by the demolition of the old warehouse while keeping intact the view of the ancient walls, and re-establishing architectural harmony between the existing old chimney, not included in the demolition, and other remaining artefacts, ensuring that they are not visually disconnected from the surrounding architectural design.

The area destined for public use will be located between the library, the historical walls and the new houses; flower beds, benches and flower boxes will be installed to turn this space into a city square.