Places in Prato:
Renewed spaces

The new public spaces

Improving the quality of public life in a contemporary city, creating opportunities to build social networks and implementing processes of integration among different local people requires meeting places and public spaces designed and implemented in a way that fulfils the needs of urban life.
In a few areas of Prato, buildings have been erected haphazardly and public space has been viewed merely as an "unbuilt area", a free space between buildings, to be used perhaps as a parking lot, underestimating its potential in the urban context.
These places need new, overall planning while in other cases small changes would be enough to improve the architectural context and the commercial potential of the area, within an organic and functional vision.

This is the reason why ten squares are currently being redesigned, both in the historical centre and in nearby villages, with regeneration and restoration works and the elimination of architectural barriers: the objective is that of enhancing areas of Prato that have been underutilized until now and to create new opportunities for bringing people together.