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Contemporaneo condiviso

The PUNTOCON network | SHARED CONTEMPORARY, born on the occasion of the reopening of the Pecci Centre, involves ten professional associations that, in close relationship with the territory, operate in the field of contemporary arts: Artforms, [chi-na], C.U.T. Circuito Urbano Temporaneo, Dryphoto Arte Contemporanea, Lato - MOO, Lottozero, Sedici, Studio MDT, Studio Corte 17, Kinkaleri_spazioK.
Aim of the network is the emersion of subjects that have long been working to promote the arts as a tool of citizenship and relationship as well as for the promotion and enhancement of the cultural heritage.
PUNTOCON enhances the sensitive places of the urban fabric, for example Macrolotto Zero or San Paolo, often operating in a context of "transition zone", a common context in a polycentric city like Prato.
PUNTOCON is the tale of a city, its inhabitants and the ongoing changes, through which the traditional working places become sites of cultural elaboration and production.
Many of the spaces that house the activities are in fact former factories permanently transformed in professional studies, some of which enjoy programmed but occasional inroads into no man's land, generating authentic episodes of industrial archaeology insensitive to ruin porn.

This is the case, for example, of Tuscan Art Industry project, which is about to cross the finish line of the third edition. The Network gives top priority to the cultural production as a tool for continuous communication between the people and for the definition of a relationship between culture and urban sustainability. Over the past three years, dozens of national and international artists took part in the activity of the ten network subjects, activity which had - only in a few cases - the support of some institutions: Tuscany Region, Municipality of Prato, the French Institute of Florence, Pecci Centre.