New Prato:
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Textile sector and sustainability

The Prato textile tradition is eco friendly by vocation

Prato's textile tradition is ecologically sustainable by vocation. We just need to remember that reclaimed wool, which starting in the nineteenth century made the fortune of this area, reuses scraps and waste that would otherwise be disposed of in the environment, and does not need dyeing, which is by far the most polluting manufacturing stage. As a result of its propensity for environmental sustainability, and fully aware of the importance of this aspect in contemporary industry, including in fashion, the Prato district is the first in the world to join the Greenpeace "Detox" project.
In order to reduce processes and materials with a high environmental impact, the project aims to eliminate, by 2020, 11 classes of pollutants discharged into water courses during textile manufacturing processes.

Since the launch of the campaign, 27 member companies of Confindustria Toscana Nord have subscribed to the Detox protocol, and banned the use of a number of chemical substances in industrial processing.

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