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SpazioK: an activity which favors the innovation and interaction through languages

KINKALERI was founded in 1995 as a group of formats and means in precarious balance as they experiment. Its members come together with the aim of creating specific projects, stimulating the desire to work around concrete ideas and addressing all the aspects required for the realization of its ideas. The original structure provides the essential coordinates to the goal that drives it: creating tension in the representational relationship between the object and the scope to which it refers. Every production always contain that transversality of signs that in a contemporary context gradually brings into crisis the use of representation, a language that mixes languages and makes them foreign to themselves and ultimately redefines itself in another place. Research is always directed towards a quality of action that favours innovation, the interaction between original languages through the experimentation of different presentation modes. In 2002 the company received the award “PREMIO LO STRANIERO Scommesse per il futuro” and the PREMO UBU award for OTTO, best dance theatre show of the year.

Since 2001 Kinkaleri has been based in Prato in spazio K, part of the former Campolmi industrial area in the historical centre of the city. Recognition in 2013 as regional residence centre has transformed the concept of artistic residence in spazio K into a structured and shared cultural project in terms of contents and relationship with the local area, a project dimension that opens the way to artistic initiatives in different fields of art, and is characterized by an interdisciplinary vision of contemporary culture and coordination with different regional, national and European structures.
The group currently consists of Massimo Conti, Marco Mazzoni, and Gina Monaco.

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