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The TPO company proposes a form of avant-garde theater, in which the wise use of interactive technologies is founded with the creation of immersive theatrical environments, featuring performances for the use of large-format projections, whose real protagonist is the scenic space with its images, its colors and its sounds. The TPO company is the spokesman of an interactive, visual, emotional and immersive theater, where each show is transformed into an environment where to experiment the subtle boundary between art and play: dancers, performers and the audience interact together exploring new forms of expression beyond language and culture barriers. The stage space is conceived as a dynamic and reactive environment that can engage the audience in individual or group action: it is equipped with sensors (touch pads, video cameras and microphones) that let both performers and audience modulate sounds and interact with images through movement and voice. This technology produces "sensitive" theatrical environments where children can explore the space and discover that it responds to their actions "in a certain way"; this generates an active relationship between them and the stage, a kind of dialogue with space, shapes and sounds that becomes an artistic experience.

Therefore in TPO shows the role of the performer takes on a special significance: through interactive effects the dancers "paint" and "play music" on the stage using their bodies and movement and invite children to explore the space with a theatrical approach that favours the use of body and eyes. TPO company is based in Prato at the Fabbrichino Theatre (via Targetti 10/8) and operates as the company in residence of Teatro Metastasio Stabile della Toscana. The group is directed by Davide Venturini (artistic director) and Francesco Gandi (legal representative) and includes a team of Italian and international artists.
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