Places in Prato:

Palazzo Pretorio

Palazzo Pretorio Museum and its striking view over the city

Inaugurated in April 2014, after almost 16 years of renovation work, the Palazzo Pretorio Museum, with a surface area of 1780 sqm, is an essential destination for visitors to Prato and Tuscany. The elegant and refined itinerary, designed by the architects Natalini, Guicciardini and Magni, guides visitors as they explore the Palace and its works. The collection, covering a period ranging from the 14th to the 20th centuries, together with the sculptures and paintings in the palace, are shown through a clear and well-structured itinerary, featuring also countless picturesque views over the city. Each floor is characterized by a different style, in line with the historical period being featured and the meaning of the works; each section is marked out by the sophisticated and diversified use of the coloured fabric of the display panels.

The permanent exhibition, with about 3000 pieces including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, textiles, furniture and other artefacts embodies the soul of the city and represents local creativity and culture. Visitors can admire works by Donatello, Filippo and Filippino Lippi, the polyptychs by Bernardo Daddi and Giovanni da Milano, the altarpieces by Santi di Tito and Alessandro Allora and the plaster casts by Lorenzo Bartolini. This collection was mostly put together during the 19th century through acquisitions and legacies, but it was recently enriched by significant donations such as the Tintori, Riblet and Lipchitz collections.

The museum’s communication equipment is innovative, with multimedia tools and two evocative video projections: the history of the Palace and the history of the Holy Belt, the relic that is a symbol of the city, with the virtual reconstruction of Agnolo Gaddi's splendid frescoes in the Cathedral. In addition, there are many educational itineraries and workshops organized specifically for families and schools.

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