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Palazzo Martini musical heart of the city

G. Verdi School of music - Camerata Strumentale “Città di Prato” orchestra - Rete Toscana Classica radio
Since April 2016, Palazzo Martini, the historical site of the "G. Verdi Municipal School of Music", has been home to the Camerata Strumentale "Città di Prato” orchestra and will soon be home to the Rete Toscana Classica radio station, which operates at a regional and international level.
The three institutions have a history of working together and in recent years these collaborations have intensified in the context of both concert performances and teaching.
The "G. Verdi School of Music" and the Camera Strumentale orchestra have for years been involved in an integrated project of development of musical culture which has reached new generations and raised their awareness of music.
The Rete Toscana Classic radio station is a long-time media partner of the Orchestra, whose concerts have been broadcast through radio and the internet, making them available to a much wider audience.

The Camerata Strumentale ”Città di Prato”, founded in 1998, is a symphony orchestra whose concert season is the most important event in the musical culture of the city Prato and its surroundings. The "G. Verdi" municipal school of music, established at the end of the 18th century, has musical education as its objective and like all institutions of its kind it has followed the development of music in the city, working regularly alongside organizations involved in music productions. The intense project development activities of all three musical institutions has resulted in a significant increase in the number of music students at the School, a wider public, and the participation of young people in music events.
Art music, revealed and made familiar to a composite and multi-ethnic audience, has changed into a valuable instrument for sharing experiences: this is the reason why Palazzo Martini is clearly one of the greatest catalysts of culture and social gathering in the city.